Jerry Cameron

Jerry Cameron has been a leader all of his life. His stints as police chief of two communities and his time as City Manager of Fernandina Beach taught him that the most effective leadership always begins and ends with serving others. That's exactly what he did for over ten years as Assistant County Manager of St. Johns County. Those experiences, combined with more than two decades in private-sector management, give Jerry a deep understanding of how the fabric of our community is woven together.

Jerry also understands what it takes to keep that fabric from fraying, and that's why he wants to serve on the St. Johns County Commission. He will work to limit government and promote individual responsibility and freedom. He will make sure the county lives within its means and taxes stay low, because he believes you know best how to spend your own money. As he has been throughout his career, we can depend on Jerry Cameron to be a committed conservative leader for St. Johns County.


Limited Government

Our country was founded on the ideas of individual responsibility and personal freedom. Jerry will stand against government expansion, which always threatens these timeless principles.

Lower Taxes

Effective government requires sound stewardship of taxpayer dollars. Jerry will work to keep our county government lean so that hardworking taxpayers can keep more of what they work so hard to earn.

A Strong Local Economy

St. Johns County must be business-friendly. Jerry will work to increase opportunity for everyone by removing barriers to entrepreneurs who want to start, expand, and relocate businesses in our area.

Supporting Our Veterans

Throughout his career, Jerry has stood up for the heroes who serve our country in uniform. On the county commission, he will always make sure our veterans have access to every service they need and deserve.

Protecting our freedoms

There is no doubt that our Constitution and the precious rights it guarantees are under assault. Jerry will always fight to protect traditional values, including the Second Amendment right to defend yourself and your family.